Preparation Tips for Selling Junk Cars

If you are trying to get rid of junk cars and want cash then you will be sure to do everything possible to get the most for your vehicle. In the beginning junk car buyers and junkyards were handling junk vehicles in a manner that was not considered eco-friendly and sold leftover parts on the side and pocketed the profits. Well today junk car buyers are sophisticated and licensed to recover and resell old cars with respect to the law and environment. If you want to sell junk cars for cash in North Hollywood or the greater Los Angeles area then you will want to pay attention to some of the preparation tips to help you earn the most for your vehicle.

Is the Junk Car Operable?

There are times when all the car needs is a quick tune-up or oil change and it runs almost as good as new. However, there are times when the services are more complex and costly. For these instances then you may not even try to bother making the car functional again. If you do have the means to get the car back in shape then it is possible you could see a higher return after doing so.

Assess the Value Yourself

Just so you are not caught off guard it will help if you got another opinion by determining the value of junk cars from Kelley Blue Book or an auto dealer. If your car has acquired damage over the years then it is wise to determine how much less you should be expecting based on the condition of the vehicles you are selling. You are likely to shop around with more than one junk car buyer, so keep track of some of the basic details of your vehicle:

  • Damage of the vehicle

  • Operative or inoperative

  • Number of missing parts

  • Estimated repairs since last check-up

You do not have to have your car inspected by a mechanic but it does come in handy when negotiating with potential buyers. That way when it comes down to the final offer you can choose the buyer who offers the highest sale price.

Need Cash for Junk Cars?

If you have a junk car to get rid of then Junk Vehicles is available to make the best offer on junk vehicles and used vehicles in North Hollywood or the greater Los Angeles area. We offer free vehicle inspections, free towing and no obligation offers on any vehicle. Contact us online or over the phone and let us help you get cash for your junk car.

How to Get Rid of Your Junk Car Safely

Now that summer is upon us we find ourselves constricted to save up on fuel, car repairs and traveling because of dreadful drought conditions throughout California. Though there are a number of ways to get rid of your old car you do not have the time or the means to find a serious buyer. Fortunately our service offers cash for junk cars in Burbank and the greater areas of Southern California.

Expert Car Buying Assessment

Selling your junk car for cash is easier than it sounds, because our junk car buying experts are able to determine your car value right over the phone. Better yet, we send car buyers to your location to complete a free inspection that ensures you get the best value for your vehicle. Here at Junk Vehicles we do not expect you to know every exact detail about your vehicle, especially if it has not even seen the open road for years. As long as you give a quick description: car year, make and model, and current condition we can give you an accurate price quote for your junk vehicle.

Proper Disposing Techniques

Not every junk car was made to ride again so if your vehicle is not capable or safe for resale, we can dismantle and dispose of unusable parts properly. A licensed car dismantler will have completed professional training and certification to dispose hazardous materials correctly after dismantling. If anyone spills hazardous waste in an area can be held liable for any damage that occurred, especially on private property. Not knowing the law is never an excuse, so it will be for your benefit to sell your junk car to an experienced and licensed car dismantler.

We know that certain junk cars are meant to serve a better purpose elsewhere, which is why we use the best auto recycling methods to help reuse junk car parts before manufacturing new vehicles. According to the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association, reusable parts are removed, cleaned and stored for future use, which rack up a savings of about 80 percent over the cost of new auto parts.

Get Cash for Junk Cars

At Junk Vehicles, we provide a free, non-obligation price quote, perform a free inspection and dismantle junk cars properly. We provide a high return value to junk car owners in Burbank and Southern Californians. Our junk car buyers and dismantlers work effectively to follow state laws and maintain a high level of environmental safety to help protect Earth from hazardous waste. If you want to sell your junk cars for cash then contact us today.

A car like many other things in our lives will operate longer if it is properly maintained. Newer cars in particular require maintenance just as much as older vehicles on the road, but these days there are far too many people neglecting that “Check Engine” light. With this in mind, there are also the car owners who try to go the extra mile and handle the maintenance work themselves. Vehicles today are too advanced for our skill set unless you are a making a living as a mechanic. Leave the repairs to the professionals and if your vehicle has had its last ride then consider trading in junk cars for cash in Calabasas.

Top Maintenance Mistakes that Damage Your Car

A recent report from CarMD labels these common mistakes that many car owners are guilty of:

·         Neglecting recommended or scheduled maintenance for vehicle.

·         Refraining from oil changes or not changing according to maintenance schedule.

·         Failing to check tire pressure regularly.

·         Avoiding to check or change fluid levels (coolant, brake, transmission, etc.).

·         Skipping out on changing air and fuel filters to save money.

·         Continuing to drive when car is overheating.

·         Attempting to perform maintenance without skill or knowledge to complete repairs.

·         Using faulty or generic car parts for repairs instead of original equipment manufacturer.

Dirty motor oil above other things is one of the most damaging mistakes you can leave neglected in your vehicle. Junk vehicles far too often find car owners trying to turn in their junk cars for cash because they failed to change their oil as they were recommended. Running the risk of driving on dirty motor oil increases your chances of engine failure on your car.

Stick with the recommended schedule you have set up with your mechanic and you can enhance your car life that saves you in the long haul. In the end if you are looking to turn in junk cars for cash in Calabasas we have the solution for your problems. Call on our junk car buyers to help you get cash for your junk car.

Spring Cleaning Brings You Cash for Junk Cars

As the weather gets warmer and our houses glisten a little brighter we realize that there is one thing that we failed to clean before spring ends – the car. Sure we spend weekends and spare time to tidy up our storage spaces, cluttered closets and messy garage, but our car is one of the messiest places we tend to neglect before summer.

Importance of a Clean Car

No matter what brand of car you drive, both men and women find that the rules of attraction start with how clean their vehicle looks. A clean and in shape vehicle reveals how well you treat yourself and your possessions which sparks interest in those you may be attracted to. According to a survey published by, men and women found that having a clean car is the most important detail that sticks out when it comes to a car belonging to the opposite sex.

Research was supported with over 2,000 respondents and found that 45 percent of women and 43 percent of men found it most attractive to have a clean car than its reliability, if the vehicle was interesting, new or expensive. Cleanliness on the inside was just as important as both genders found it a huge turn-off to find cigarette butts and trash inside another person’s car. Who knows, making a good impression by keeping your car junk-free may help you find the one you have been searching for.

Cash for Junk Cars Marina del Rey

There are of course the vehicles that are not worth saving, no matter how often you try to keep your car clean. Some people with junk cars in Marina del Rey realize that their old car is just not cutting it anymore. There are piles of paperwork sitting on the dashboard, empty containers of oil fluid in the backseat and worn out tires that are growing roots in the driveway.

Our junk car removal system offers cash for junk cars in Marina del Rey that is perfect for anyone trying to get a little extra money for summer. We do not ask you to get your hands dirty and clean your car before removal because all you need to do is call, set up an appointment for our junk car buyers to appraise your vehicle and haul it away in one quick process.

Get cash for your junk car and check off maintaining your old heap from your spring cleaning list. You do not have to wait any longer, get cash for your junk car today.


If you love your car but cannot get anymore use out of it then it may be time to look into a junk car removal service. Every car owner should know that not all junk car buyers are the same, some of them may say they are all about their customers but leave you hanging out to dry. Cash for junk cars in West Los Angeles is the perfect solution for junk car owners to get some extra money in your pocket and find a new car to get you back on the road. If this is your first time trying to get rid of a junk car then review some these qualities in junk car removal services that work hard to serve your needs.

Finding a Junk Car Removal Service Close to You

It may not sound important, but in a large state like California it makes it easier for the junk car buyer to provide a quick inspection and tow-away when you are close in proximity. If you are not close to our West Los Angeles location, then Junk Vehicles may be able to serve you through one of our other locations, such as Venice, Marina del Rey, Long Beach and many more.

Inspection Policy

Junk cars are more valuable than you think. Plenty of junk vehicles have salvageable parts ready for reuse in new and used vehicles, so if you plan on selling your junk car for cash then it makes sense to have a complete inspection to determine its true value instead of a general price range. We come across plenty of customers who found other junk car removal services that did not provide a thorough inspection of the junk car, and would not offer payment for its maximum value.

Cash Payment

It should be automatic that once you make a deal with a junk car removal service that you should be paid in full for your junk car. Once the ownership is signed over to the junk car buyer, you should get your cash payment, which is something we provide at Junk Vehicles for every car whether it is in good shape or not even running. Always look for junk car removal services that pay you on the spot for your junk vehicle otherwise you may never see your cash payment after signing your document of ownership.

According to the California DMV, junk car owners are not required to keep track of the bill of sale of the junk car if they resell the vehicle to a junk car buyer or salvage yard, but it is beneficial to keep for legal records. That way if the vehicle is rebuilt and resold to a new owner, the junk car removal service is at fault for any damages and not you.

Free Towing

Paying for a towing service to remove your car anywhere in West Los Angeles is bound to cost you hundreds of dollars, which is roughly what your junk car is worth. You will need a junk car removal service that is determined to help you earn a profit by providing free towing from your location. At Junk Vehicles we are proud to offer all our junk car sellers free towing, no matter what.

Count on Junk Vehicles to provide you with the best junk car removal services that we mentioned above. Do not settle for anything less when you try to get cash for your junk car. We will provide free towing, free inspection and on the spot cash payment in West Los Angeles. Call or fill out or contact form online today.

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